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Download MurderCaust: The Ultimate Horror Music Experience

Download Murdercaust: A Guide to the Dark and Aggressive Phonk Genre

If you are a fan of dark, aggressive, and underground music, you might have heard of a genre called murdercaust. This genre is a subgenre of phonk, a style of hip hop that blends elements of Memphis rap, trap, horrorcore, and cloud rap. In this article, we will explain what phonk and murdercaust are, how they differ from other genres, and how you can download murdercaust songs and beats for your own enjoyment or production.

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What is phonk?

Phonk is a genre of hip hop that emerged in the late 2000s and early 2010s, mainly in the online underground scene. It is influenced by the sound and aesthetics of Memphis rap, a regional style of rap that originated in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1990s. Memphis rap is known for its dark, lo-fi, and gritty sound, featuring distorted vocals, heavy bass, fast tempos, and horror-themed lyrics. Some of the pioneers of Memphis rap include DJ Spanish Fly, DJ Paul, Juicy J, Three 6 Mafia, Tommy Wright III, Gangsta Pat, Lil Noid, and DJ Zirk.

Phonk also incorporates elements of trap, a subgenre of hip hop that originated in the Southern United States in the early 2000s. Trap is characterized by its use of hard-hitting drums, 808 bass, hi-hats, snare rolls, and synthesizers. Trap often features themes of drug dealing, violence, crime, and street life. Some of the prominent trap artists include T.I., Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Waka Flocka Flame, Lex Luger, Future, Migos, Young Thug, and Travis Scott.

Additionally, phonk draws inspiration from horrorcore, a subgenre of hip hop that emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Horrorcore is influenced by horror movies and literature, featuring graphic and violent lyrics that depict murder, torture, cannibalism, necrophilia, satanism, and other macabre topics. Some of the notable horrorcore artists include Esham, Gravediggaz, Insane Clown Posse, Brotha Lynch Hung, Necro, Eminem (in his early career), Tech N9ne, Tyler the Creator (in his early career), and $uicideboy$.

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Finally, phonk also borrows elements from cloud rap, a subgenre of hip hop that emerged in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Cloud rap is influenced by ambient music, psychedelic music, and vaporwave, featuring ethereal, dreamy, and atmospheric soundscapes, often with chopped and screwed vocals, reverb, and delay effects. Some of the influential cloud rap artists include Lil B, Clams Casino, A$AP Rocky, SpaceGhostPurrp, Main Attrakionz, Yung Lean, and Bones.

The characteristics and elements of phonk

Phonk is a genre that combines various elements from its influences to create a unique and distinctive sound. Some of the common characteristics and elements of phonk are:

  • Sampling: Phonk heavily relies on sampling old Memphis rap songs and beats, often from cassette tapes or vinyl records. Phonk producers also sample other genres such as jazz, funk, soul, rock, metal, and classical music. Phonk samples are often manipulated by changing the pitch, speed, volume, or adding effects.

  • Drum programming: Phonk uses drum machines or software to create complex and rhythmic drum patterns, often influenced by trap and Memphis rap. Phonk drums typically consist of kick, snare, hi-hat, cymbal, tom, and clap sounds. Phonk drums are often layered, distorted, compressed, or filtered to create a powerful and punchy sound.

  • Bass: Phonk uses sub-bass or 808 bass to create a deep and low-frequency sound that can be felt in the chest or the subwoofer. Phonk bass is often modulated by changing the pitch, envelope, or filter to create a wobbly or sliding effect. Phonk bass is often synchronized with the kick drum to create a booming and groovy sound.

  • Vocals: Phonk vocals are usually sampled from old Memphis rap songs or other sources, such as movies, TV shows, video games, or internet memes. Phonk vocals are often chopped and screwed, a technique that involves slowing down and pitch-shifting the vocals to create a chopped and slurred effect. Phonk vocals are also often distorted, echoed, reverberated, or panned to create a spooky and trippy effect.

  • Sound effects: Phonk uses various sound effects to add texture and atmosphere to the music. Some of the common sound effects used in phonk are gunshots, sirens, screams, laughter, explosions, glass breaking, car engines, police radios, phone ringing, or dial tones. Phonk sound effects are often used to create a sense of tension, danger, or horror.

The subgenres and variations of phonk

Phonk is a diverse and versatile genre that has spawned many subgenres and variations over the years. Some of the popular subgenres and variations of phonk are:

  • Murdercaust: A subgenre of phonk that is characterized by its dark, aggressive, and violent sound and lyrics. Murdercaust often features themes of murder, suicide, torture, rape, cannibalism, necrophilia, satanism, and nihilism. Murdercaust is influenced by horrorcore and death metal. Some of the artists and producers of murdercaust are Devilish Trio, Baker Ya Maker, HYDRA MANE, Tenngage, MC Holocaust, DJ Akoza, DJ Sacred, DJ Yung Vamp, DJ Smokey 666, and DJ Afta.

  • Vaporphonk: A subgenre of phonk that is characterized by its ethereal, dreamy, and nostalgic sound and aesthetics. Vaporphonk is influenced by vaporwave and cloud rap. Vaporphonk often features samples of old commercials, TV shows, video games, or internet culture. Vaporphonk also uses effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, flanger, or phaser to create a smooth and ambient sound. Some of the artists and producers of vaporphonk are Mythic, Soudiere, Jason Rich, Roland Jones, Dj Yung Vamp, Dj Smokey 666, and NxxxxxS.

  • Drillphonk: A subgenre of phonk that is characterized by its fast, hard-hitting, and energetic sound and lyrics. Drillphonk is influenced by drill and grime. Drillphonk often features themes of gang warfare, crime, drugs, and street life. Drillphonk also uses UK slang and accents to create a distinctive and authentic sound. Some of the artists and producers of drillphonk are KAMIYADA+, ZOTiYAC, Fukkit, Gizmo, Ghostofblu, KXVI BEATS, and Lxw HvRm.

What is murdercaust?

Murdercaust is one of the most extreme and controversial subgenres of phonk. It is a genre that pushes the boundaries of horrorcore and death metal to create a dark and aggressive sound that is not for the faint-hearted.

The meaning and history of murdercaust

The term murdercaust is a portmanteau of murder and holocaust. The word murder refers to the act of killing another human being, especially unlawfully and with premeditation. The word holocaust refers to the genocide of Jews and other minorities by Nazi Germany during World War II, or any other mass slaughter or destruction of life. The term murdercaust implies a sense of extreme violence, brutality, and evil.

The history of murdercaust can be traced back to the early 2010s, when a group of phonk producers and artists from Tennessee formed a collective called Devilish Trio. The members of Devilish Trio are Baker Ya Maker, HYDRA MANE, and Tenngage. They are considered the pioneers and innovators of murdercaust, as they were the first to combine the dark and lo-fi sound of Memphis rap with the fast and aggressive sound of death metal. They also coined the term murdercaust to describe their style and influence.

Since then, murdercaust has gained popularity and recognition in the underground phonk scene, attracting many fans and followers who appreciate the genre's raw and uncompromising sound. Murdercaust has also inspired many other phonk artists and producers to experiment with the genre and create their own variations and s

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