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Facebook Messenger Install Error 1612 __EXCLUSIVE__

I was trying to uninstall one application from SCCM. This application was installed about 4 years ago.I used uninstall option in application based deployment. However, it was failed with error 1612.Again i tried to use the package based uninstallation. It is also failed with 1612.I did some research and created a script to perform the uninstallation.

facebook messenger install error 1612

However, over the past couple of years, I've been making installers for the Evolve client. Our single biggest issue with installing the client has been caused by failed vcredist installations. The biggest error codes being:

Before the installation, please update your Windows to the latest version and reboot your machine, which can avoid the errors caused by your Windows System. Meanwhile, cleaning your %temp% folder is equally important.

Servername is a placeholder for your actual server name and 4712 is a placeholder for the actual port selected during the Management Reporter installation. If you check the Event Viewer, you may find the following error messages:

It's weird because I checked in that temp fodler (I assume created by the installer) and the .msi file is indeed not in there, instead it contains Qlik_Sense_Desktop_setup.exe and state.rsm ; however, in a separate file that is created temporarily (like \xxxxxx it is deleted after the install fails) C:\Users\mburke\AppData\Local\Package Cache\yyyyyyyv.\ contains the SenseDesktop.msi that the error appears to be pointing to.

MSI (s) (14:78) [08:59:32:193]: Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Qlik Sense Desktop. Product Version: Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: QlikTech International AB. Installation success or error status: 1603.

This post from Technet Forums (Thanks to Charlie Hawkins), has inspired us to prepare a list of all error codes, that can happen during the SCCM client installation. Some errors have been added based on our personal experiences.

One of our custom SSRS reports is made especially for the Configuration Manager Client. This report now shows the last SCCM client installation error codes, including the description of the installation deployment state. This report will help you achieve the *near* 100% client installation, that your project manager loves to see.

SoftwareInstallation: Installation failed with: (0x643), Fatal error during installation (0x643), The older version of ESET Endpoint Security cannot be removed. Contact your technical support group. , see software-install.log for more information loc...

Please provide software-install.log or try to install Endpoint v7.3 manually and create an install log as per -how-do-i-generate-an-installation-error-log-for-windows-eset-products. If the installation fails, the install log should contain more details about the cause of the failure. Please upload it here along with logs collected with ESET Log Collector.

Upon further investigation, it appears that the policy invoker service is not working correctly for the systems to be able to pull installs through policy. We recieve this error in the Desktop Manager when we go to try to refresh the policy "Policy synchronization has failed"

I used the 'LanDesk best practices for agent deployment guide' in order to create a group policy to deploy the agent. I've moved my workstation into the test OU and rebooted but LanDesk did not install the agent. Windows Event Viewer reports the following error:

Recently, after new image installation, PCs will not scan in. When trying to run a full scan, we get the error "This Application has failed to start because elogapi.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem". Most of the time, re-running the installer will resolve the issue, but we would like for this not to happen.

I tried to Push the Adv Agent to a Windows 7 machine and a Windows XP machine. Both resulted in Failed: Status, An internal error occurred, Return Code 1208. I've been searching for this error and haven't found anything to determine what this error is or a solution. The Management Console for LanDesk9 in on our core server and hasn't been installed on our Tech's computers. Our current version on our client machies is and we are trying to upgrade to version 9.

The self-contained agent installation that I create includes the LDAV and vulscan.exe requires a reboot of the computer after the installation. Because of this the agent installation sometimes gives an error at the end of the installation and says to look at the wscfg32.xlg file for details. Upon reboot, all services load just fine. Here are the last lines of a wscfg32.xlg file. Is there any way to prevent this error from occuring?

I also sometimes receive an installation error when using the unattended configuration to receive the certificate from the core for the management gateway- for computers that are on site ( -1888). I always receive an error when the computer is not on-site but I thought that this was the purpose of the brokerconfig.lng file. Is there a way to prevent this error message if the computer is unable to retrieve the certificate at the time of installation but is successful at copying the brokerconfig.lng file? The end of a wscfg32.xlg file when I receive a "brokerconfig.exe /r" error is below

Runtime Code 1612 happens when Windows Installer fails or crashes whilst it's running, hence its name. It doesn't necessarily mean that the code was corrupt in some way, but just that it did not work during its run-time. This kind of error will appear as an annoying notification on your screen unless handled and corrected. Here are symptoms, causes and ways to troubleshoot the problem.

One of the available database server options when installing Lansweeper is SQL LocalDB. When you choose to host the Lansweeper database under LocalDB, the Lansweeper installer creates a service that runs the SQL LocalDB database server. Afterwards, this service will run under a user account created by the installer, "NT Service\LansweeperLocalDbService". In order for the aforementioned user account to successfully run the LocalDB service, it must be granted the necessary permission to log on as a service. Lansweeper automatically tries to give NT Service\LansweeperLocalDbService this permission. If you're using the SQL LocalDb database provider, you may encounter the error below when updating or installing Lansweeper.

According to various testimonies about the issue, the error only happens when trying to install some programs using the Windows Installer infrastructure. So, what is the Windows Installer Error Code 1619 and how can you solve it?

The Windows Installer Error Code 1619 occurs when Windows Installer tries to install a program but is unsuccessful. The error implies that the installer can neither open the installation package nor complete the process.

There is no smoke without fire and, in the case of Windows 10, no error code without underlying issues. The Windows Installer Error Code 1619 does not just happen for no reason. A deep dive into the issue revealed that there are several different causes that may trigger it. Below is a list of the most common culprits responsible for the failure of Windows Installer to install or update a program.

This article examined some of the reasons why this happens when it does. They include missing Redistributable or framework files, registry issues, an outdated operating system, corrupt or missing installation files, and programming errors.

Most of the errors at the beginning of the console output are complaining of missing configuration files. We can easily fix those by supplying configuration files. One way is to install the sample configuration files with: sudo make samples. Providing configuration files not only reduces the messages about missing configuration files it reduces the number of messages about modules declining to load. Modules can and some do fail to initialize if a configuration file is missing. Another way to fix missing configuration file errors is to not load the module if you do not need the functionality it provides.

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