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Beyond The Sky (2018)2018

Beyond the Sky is a 2018 American science fiction film written and directed by Fulvio Sestito in his directorial debut. The film stars Ryan Carnes, Jordan Hinson, Claude Duhamel, Martin Sensmeier, Don Stark, Peter Stormare, and Dee Wallace. It was acquired by RLJE Films in 2018[1] and was released on September 21, 2018.[2][3] The working title was FMS-False Memory Syndrome.[4]

Beyond the Sky (2018)2018

A multitude of discoveries are on the horizon after this much awaited release, which is based on 22 months of charting the sky. The new data includes positions, distance indicators and motions of more than one billion stars, along with high-precision measurements of asteroids within our Solar System and stars beyond our own Milky Way Galaxy.

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The ordering of the neutrino masses is a crucial input for a deep understanding of flavor physics, and its determination may provide the key to establish the relationship among the lepton masses and mixings and their analogous properties in the quark sector. The extraction of the neutrino mass ordering is a data-driven field expected to evolve very rapidly in the next decade. In this review, we both analyse the present status and describe the physics of subsequent prospects. Firstly, the different current available tools to measure the neutrino mass ordering are described. Namely, reactor, long-baseline (accelerator and atmospheric) neutrino beams, laboratory searches for beta and neutrinoless double beta decays and observations of the cosmic background radiation and the large scale structure of the universe are carefully reviewed. Secondly, the results from an up-to-date comprehensive global fit are reported: the Bayesian analysis to the 2018 publicly available oscillation and cosmological data sets provides strong evidence for the normal neutrino mass ordering vs. the inverted scenario, with a significance of 3.5 standard deviations. This preference for the normal neutrino mass ordering is mostly due to neutrino oscillation measurements. Finally, we shall also emphasize the future perspectives for unveiling the neutrinomass ordering. In this regard, apart from describing the expectations from the aforementioned probes, we also focus on those arising from alternative and novel methods, as 21 cm cosmology, core-collapse supernova neutrinos and the direct detection of relic neutrinos.

Figure 5. Summary of neutrino oscillation parameters, 2018. Red (blue) lines correspond to normal ordering (inverted ordering). Notice that the Δχ2 profiles for inverted ordering are plotted with respect to the minimum for normal neutrino mass ordering.

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Around December 16, when the comet zooms past close to the Earth, it will be visible from most locations in the world. If all goes as predicted, observers can start getting rid of viewing aids around December 13, 2018, and see the comet with naked eyes.

Like many well-known short period comets, Comet 46P belongs to the Jupiter family of comets. This means its orbit does not extend beyond Jupiter and is heavily influenced by the gravitational forces of the largest planet in the solar system. 041b061a72

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