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Its All About The Stragglers Torrent

The A.V. Club wrote: "Artful Dodger has always represented the lighter side of two-step, but without other artists' tracks to counter its airy levity, It's All About The Stragglers is a middling effort that makes for a less-than-thrilling introduction to an otherwise thrilling genre."[12] Exclaim! thought that "Craig David effortlessly commands the pulsing groove of 'Whatcha Gonna Do'."[13] Billboard called It's All About the Stragglers an "R&B-conscious, club-rooted, classically arranged album."[14] The Chicago Tribune opined that "chances are that teens will be befuddled by the studio geekery and dance experts will scoff at its conscious fluffiness, but tunes like 'Think about Me' are an apt reminder that not all contemporary pop has to be a guilty pleasure to be fun."[15]

its all about the stragglers torrent


Following the skirmish on the Ghost Moon, General Crix Madine forwarded an official document to General Pitt Onoran about the 501st's Task Force 99. In the communique, General Madine stated that he believed that the extermination of Rebel troopers were conducted by Imperial SCAR troopers, and attached a document detailing elite stormtrooper squads, and further information regarding the SCAR program and how Task Force 99 was attached to an elite legion who answered to the highest levels of Imperial High Command. The documents additionally recorded an analysis of the Primtara incident perpetrated by Task Force 99, as well as documents of its members. These documents were included in the rebel depository The Rebel Files.[30]

I will start with a disclaimer. Torrents hold a lot of illegal material so you should always make sure that the material you are downloading is legal, and won't get you into strife. Having said that, with Torrents it is very easy for law enforcement to track you down. IP addresses are listed for every single person downloading a torrent. So it is only a matter of the enforcement company grabbing your IP and checking to find out which ISP it belongs to, and then contacting them for further prosecution. There are all kinds of ways around this, but I will not be going into them. If you want to know these things, look around for yourselves as I want nothing to do with this aspect.

Torrents are a sharing device. They aren't like links downloaded off a website or ftp, in that you are collecting bits and pieces of the information off hundreds of other users. This is why sharing the data is so important. If no-one shared the data, the torrent would die. If very few people share the data, the torrent will download slowly. If lots of people share the data, the torrent will download faster.

1) Now, you will see that some highly sought after torrents may have ie, 12,000 peers and 330 seeds. This basically means that a ton of people are trying to download this file and only a handful (in comparison) have it.

2) On the other side of the scale, you may see a torrent that has ie, 450 peers and 3000 seeds. This means that a ton of people have the full file and are sharing it, while only a handful (in comparison) are trying to download it.

In virtually all cases, you will find that number 2 will give you a far higher download speed. So if you have two copies of a torrent to choose between, you now know which may be the better one to connect too.

A lot of torrent listing sites (won't mention here, look for yourselves) have colour coding on torrents. Green meaning it is a healthy torrent with plenty of users, orange being that it may be either a new torrent, or one that has been exhaustibly used and is becoming extinct. A red torrent meaning it is all but dead, might have one or two stragglers left seeding. In all cases, the colour coding will be based on the amounts of seeds/peers attached to the torrent.

With these sites, a lot of them will have user comments. Get in the habit of having a quick browse of these comments. If you find a torrent where the users are all saying "OMG I AM STUCK ON 99.5% FOR 2 WEEKS", or , "OMG THIS DAMN TORRENT HAS A PASSWORD" It is safe to say that the torrent is a dud or requires extra effort to obtain authentication (usually in the form of visiting sites littered with adware and spyware, trojans etc).

There are tons of different torrent programs. I have tried around 12 different ones, all with varying results. The program itself is limited by the setup of your system, the quality of your connection, and the performance of the torrent. However, some programs have better features than others, be it user friendly, looks fancy, performs better, has fancy functions etc.

1) I will reiterate, that torrents need to be shared to survive. This means that leeching (taking without receiving) will result in poor performance for everyone else. A lot of trackers (connection points for the torrents) actually log your sharing activity through their servers so that a person who fails to share properly will result in impeded performance when downloading different torrents through the same tracker. Sharing should be done to the value of at least what you downloaded. Give back what you receive.

3) Hard Drive: Make sure you have plenty of HDD space before downloading a torrent, or it will fail sooner or later. This is pretty standard stuff, but some torrent programs will actually delete the torrent if the HDD becomes full (not many but I have seen this happen, not with uTorrent though). Many torrent programs pre-allocate the space for the whole torrent as soon as you start downloading a torrent.

4) Wasted Data: This one is quite important, and one of the most common instances where people come to these forums complaining that the usage meter isn't working correctly. I have personally had an instance where I have set a 2 gig torrent to download when I went on holiday. Upon returning from holiday, I found that I had used up 27 gigs on my usage meter from wasted data. I had a user contact me about this a few days ago showing me his uTorrent screen, so I was able to point out the wasted data on his connection. The link can be found below:

In addition, the normal background communications between peers and tracker will consume data. This will occur even whilst uploading only, and can amount to several hundred megabytes a day, depending on the number and size of running torrents.

Another source of wasted data is overloading your connection. Attempting to download numerous torrents that have many fast seeds may result in your client requesting more data than it can handle, sometimes significantly more. The resultant discarded data can create the appearance of downloading more in a given period than your connection is capable of. 5) Combating Wasted Data : There are various ways to combat wasted data. 2 ways I will mention here. The first is for basic users. This entails downloading Peer Guardian (free software) and keeping that running and updated whenever your torrents are running. Peer Guardian uses up a relatively small amount of your system resources, however it can be significant when doing high cpu intensive things (like playing Oblivion :) ).

The second way involves have an IP list in a specific file (sort of like a .txt file) and basically just adding bad IP addresses to this file (that your torrent program accesses and blocks). It is a little tougher to set up and is dependent on the torrent program that you use, however it means you don't need Peer Guardian running.

Another option you have, is when downloading if you see a certain IP that is giving you corrupt data over and over again, you should be able to right click on that IP and block it (dependant on torrent software, but uTorrent allows it)

6) Firewalls and Antivirus programs: This is the tricky bit. Everyone has different AV/Firewall setups, so there is no real fix for all. Using Windows XP standard firewall, it will block most ports. You need to configure your torrent program to find out which UDP and TCP port that the torrent program is trying to access (it may be a batch, ie UDP ports 1339-1347). You then need to go into your windows firewall and open those ports. uTorrent has a way to test the ports before you try downloading, to find out which need opening etc, so make sure you utilise that.

Antivirus software usually shouldn't interfere, however sometimes you may need to edit a rule in your software to allow uTorrent (or other) to download into your system. Windows XP SP2 should bring up a firewall alert when you begin your first torrent download, at which point you can press "UNBLOCK"

7) The Law : Torrents themselves aren't illegal, however some of the data contained within may be depending on what you are downloading. As I said above, it is very easy for them to track you down so you should be very wary using torrents for things that you don't think are legal.

8) Viruses/Spyware/Adware etc: When you download a torrent, the torrent itself will never (or not that I have ever seen) have a virus/adware/spyware, however it is the finished content that I want to talk about. Once your torrent is finished downloading, browse to the directory your download has been put into. You have to be very careful here. This is the point where you should have your virus scanner scan the specific directory (if it doesn't do it automatically).

With some things you may find a .nfo file. These files are harmless and hold information about the item that you have downloaded. If you have never opened one, you will need to hold down SHIFT and right click the .NFO file. Then click "OPEN WITH" and select notepad and "always open with this file". The standard method windows has of opening the file tries to run it through a totally different program that will always fail.

Depending on what you download, the files will be there. Be extremely wary if you encounter any .exe or program executable files. If you don't know what they are, I wouldn't touch them. If they are of a format you don't know, go to google and type in the format to learn how to deal with it (or check the comments on that torrent page, they may provide some insight). Alternatively, check the .NFO file in notepad, it will usually provide details on how to handle the item you have downloaded, or look for a readme.

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