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[S2E4] Dog Treats

Dr. Mogg is Kenny's creator, and the two have an odd dynamic that is both parent-child and master-pet, due to Kenny being programmed to act as both a teenage boy and a dog. When Kenny is in his teenage boy mode, he and Mogg interact as father and son, and the two argue and clash often (much like Jenny and Dr. Wakeman). When Kenny enters dog-mode, Mogg treats him like a pet and often scolds him for misbehavior, such as digging holes in the yard to escape. In Agent 00' Sheldon, it is shown that Kenny sleeps in a dog bed and wears a collar and leash.

[S2E4] Dog Treats

TB or Not TB is a 2nd season episode of House which first aired on November 1, 2005. House treats a famous tuberculosis doctor who has diagnosed himself with TB. However, the constellation of symptoms convinces House there's a more serious underlying condition. When it turns out the patient does have tuberculosis, his conscience forces him to refuse treatment for it and House has to convince him that tuberculosis isn't the problem, but they will never known unless he agrees to be treated for it. Meanwhile, a comedy of errors occurs in the clinic when a patient who believes she has cancer is seen by Dr. Foreman wearing Dr. House's name-tag in order to cover for House. When she demands an apology for the way "House" has treated her, it becomes clear to House and Foreman that the only reason Cuddy's even considering demanding an apology is not because of Foreman's behavior, but her perception that House always crosses the line. In the end, House finds a way to make it look like he has apologized to satisfy Cuddy.

While supermarkets are full of special picnic treats for humans, our canine companions need not miss out on the festivities as The Kennel Club has put together some recipes for dog-friendly treats fit for our royally deserving furry friends.

Al wakes up from a dream about his mother and goes to a salon with a girlfriend, but leaves when he realizes she is just using him for social media clout. He encounters a trio of fans on the way home who rob him, forcing him to flee into the nearby woods. He gets lost and encounters an old man named Wiley, who holds a knife to his throat after arguing with him about the way he treats people. He gives Al thirty seconds to escape the woods, and he barely does, breaking down in tears before laughing with relief. He goes to a nearby gas station to get something cold to put on his battered face, and takes a selfie with a fan when asked, breaking his usual tradition.

THE CAKE FAMILY owns Sugarcube Corner, where they make the most delicious baked goods in Ponyville. CARROT CAKE and his dear wife, CUP CAKE, are hard-working business owners who delight in making treats for all types of events. That is, when they're not chasing their twin foals, POUND CAKE and PUMPKIN CAKE.

Atlas starts playing the online game from the beginning of the episode, and the Titans attempt to escape, but Spike informs them that there is no way out. Robin then questions why Spike is on Atlas' side and not the Titans' despite how poorly Atlas treats him, and this makes Spike start rethinking his decisions. Meanwhile, on his way from the stadium, Cyborg is dejected and convinced that he cannot stand up to Atlas' robot power since his own robot power at 100% is inferior. He then has an epiphany that his robot half is not what he needs to defeat Atlas; his human half is. Cyborg realizes this great truth and returns to the stadium. The scene switches back to the stadium, and Atlas' poor treatment of Spike is further exemplified when he makes impolite demands and spits oil in his face. He then demands warm oil, and Spike, thinking about what Robin said earlier, tells him to get it himself, only to provoke Atlas to grab him and throw him against the wall. Just then, Cyborg appears and picks a rematch with Atlas.

Now relying less on his robot half and more on his human half, Cyborg seems to have the upper hand this time, initially overpowering Atlas. After Atlas uppercuts Cyborg through the ceiling and into the stadium, the real fight begins. Robin again asks Spike why he serves Atlas despite how poorly he treats him, and Spike reveals it is because Atlas is stronger than him. Robin rebuts this by saying that Atlas is only strong because of him; without Spike, he is nothing. 041b061a72

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