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[S2E8] The Little Girl

Marcus Cole: Good afternoon. I'm Marcus Cole, student body president. Happy to be here. Happy to be here today. Since 1913, Liberty High has been committed to helping students achieve academic excellence in a safe, supportive environment. But in recent years, our values have gone to shit. I'm part of the problem. I lead a group called EnGUYtened, which is supposed to be for enlightened guys. But today, I'm officially resigning from that group because I'm a hypocrite. How can I say that I care about protecting girls when I've been protecting a rapist like Bryce Walker?

[S2E8] The Little Girl

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When his girlfriend Chloe arrives at school, she has to deal with the fallout, too. After hearing some other girls talking about Bryce, she vandalizes a bathroom stall to erase graffiti that was disparaging Jessica.

A big part of this episode revolved around Beth and Ruby. At the end of the previous episode we saw that Ruby made a phone call asking to meet someone, as a lot of us suspected, that person was Beth although it was nice to have that confirmed. While it was a little heartbreaking to watch this rift between the pair of them, it worked so well that this all came out at the start because then we had the rest of the episode to see them deal with what had happened and overcome it so that by the end, things are seemingly fixed again.

Shapiro as Dorothy has a few great scenes in this episode in the meanwhile. Dorothy enters the convenience store as a little girl, fascinated by toys, before encountering the curious insensitive stare of another young girl. But she puts away the childish things as her menstruation begins, and her life changes.

Later, Rory and Lane walk through town and come across the local grocery where there's some police tape and a chalk outline of a body. What the heck is going on here? The police think it's just a big prank, but the store owner isn't buying it. Just then, Dean arrives and he and Rory flirt away, making Lane bail. As everyone wonders just who might pull such a prank, Rory spots Jess across the street with a grin on his face. Hmmm. It won't take much detective work to figure this one out. Over at the Independence Inn, the mysterious owner arrives for a visit. Her name is Mia, and both Lorelai and Rory are pleased as to see her. And of course, Michel is his usual insulting self. The three girls head to Luke's, where he and Mia have a nice little reunion as well. Seems everyone just loves Mia, who now lives in Santa Barbara, California and hates it because it's sunny all the time. They all chat for a while and Mia spills the beans on Luke in his younger days when he used to skateboard and wore a Star Trek t-shirt every day for a year. Lorelai loves this ammunition and declares that she'll need a three-month vacation from work because she needs the time to laugh her butt off.

Meanwhile; the grocery-store owner comes in to chastise Luke about Jess's little prank. Luke is not interested in local politics and shrugs off the accusation. Mia, on the other hand, is just loving all the small-town drama of Stars Hollow. But the reason she does not return more often is because she is not really needed anymore. Lorelai practically runs the inn all by herself. Uh-oh, how is Lorelai going to explain to Mia that she is bailing to start her own enterprise? Over at Emily's, Rory is complaining about her portrait posing. See, Emily wants her to look like some sort of ballerina with her arm over her head but Rory would rather be reading. It is more natural. After a call to Lorelai, the issue is settled. That night, Lorelai, Rory, Luke and Mia head to the town meeting. When they arrive, Luke is angered to see that it has started without him. The rest of the folks did in on purpose because they wanted to talk about Jess and all the trouble he has brought to town since his arrival. The discussion turns into an argument and then an all-around bickering match, which accomplishes absolutely nothing. Luke storms out while everyone wonders what should be done about Jess-the-menace.

Later on, Rory and Dean are walking around town and he decides to pick up his pay check. He leaves Rory alone for a few minutes, giving Jess an opportunity to give her a hard time. But Rory has little patience for the prankster. She gives him an earful about all the trouble he's causing Luke. After a few smart remarks, Jess actually feels bad and apologizes. When Dean comes back, Jess wants to know if Dean is her boyfriend because, well, she never mentioned she had one. Ouch. Friday night, Lorelai and Rory arrive at Emily's for dinner and get a sneak peak at the portrait. It's pretty awful, truth be told. Rory's creeped out, but Lorelai lies and says it's nice. Of course, Emily is not pleased with her daughter's lack of enthusiasm and storms out of the room. Lorelai follows her mom and apologizes. She explains the whole inn situation and why she's so cranky about everything. At home, Lorelai finds Luke doing some handy-guy stuff and they have a little heart to heart about being an entrepreneur. Lorelai thinks she doesn't have what it takes, but Luke admits to throwing up and passing out when he opened the restaurant. He believes in her, but Lorelai has got to believe in herself or it's never going happen. The next day, Lorelai apologizes to Sookie and they quickly make peace and start giggling like school girls. Sookie is clearly the kind of girl who doesn't hold a grudge.

The hotel fire alarm goes off, prompting Kevin to descend to the lobby. There, he finds Virgil working as a concierge and demands to know what is going on. Virgil signals Kevin to meet him in the hotel parking garage in five minutes. Kevin spots a young girl nearly drowning in the outdoor pool and jumps into the water to save her. An older man arrives on the scene and chastises the girl without acknowledging Kevin.

Kevin returns to the lobby demanding to know from Virgil why he is still in the hotel, but Virgil does not recognize him, having drank water since their last meeting (the water in this world is suggested to have amnesia-inducing effects). Kevin attempts to access his room but finds that his keycard no longer works. In the hallway, he meets the man he assumes to be the father of the girl from the pool, who has also been locked out of his own room. The two converse over drinks and the man casually mentions his fetish for being defecated on; Kevin realizes the man is Patti's abusive ex-husband Neil, and that the little girl with him is not his daughter but in fact a young Patti. Kevin strangles Neil to death when he disparages Patti.

Alan Sepinwall of Uproxx also compared "International Assassin" to The Sopranos, acknowledging its potential to polarize viewers with its surreal storytelling and stylistic departures from the rest of the series. Sepinwall felt the episode affirmed the series' "unflinching commitment to its themes about grief, spirituality, and madness" and praised how it handled its unexpected premise.[9] Libby Hill of The Los Angeles Times felt the episode's strength rested on Theroux's performance, which she named one of the finest on television. Hill favorably compared the episode to The Sopranos for its "intense sense of tragedy" and drew several parallels to the Aeneid.[10] Joshua Alston of The A.V. Club gave the episode a B, naming it the series' most polarizing entry to date and considering it "easy to admire even when it's hard to like." Alston praised the episode's bold narrative choices, attention to detail, and performances, but was less positive about the episode's place in the series' overall narrative, remarking, "the episode serves little purpose other than to presumably rid the story of Ghost Patti, whose inclusion in this season was a questionable choice to begin with."[11]

Callie pays a visit to Girls United to pitch in for Community Day and is surprised by new developments at her former foster group home. Paranoid neighbors are putting pressure on the home's landlord to kick the girls out, and a new resident has secrets that could jeopardize the safety of the entire group.

Two main stories dominated this episode. One revolved around Leon, Cruz's little brother. After witnessing a little girl get gunned down in their neighborhood, Cruz and Leon are informed by Voight and Detective Lindsay (her first introduction as a cast member of the upcoming spin off Chicago PD) that an increase in Leon's former gang in the area was to blame. Voight then becomes typical conniving Voight and threatens to look into the fire that killed Leon's former gang leader Flacco if Cruz didn't let Leon go back into the gang and become a CI. After some kind of terrible advice from Casey who tells him to "trust that he'll make it out on his own this time" (seriously, what?), Cruz is forced to watch as Leon leaves to join the gang again. It was interesting to watch Detective Lindsay use the unfortunate death of their 10 year old neighbor to strong-arm and convince Leon. Their cop unit seems ruthless when it comes to getting what they need to take down the bad guys. It was also great to see the Cruz character get some real meaty stuff to play with.

I'm a little apprehensive with Cruz getting Zoya to marry him to stay in the country. On one hand, it kind of fits his character - he gets passed over a lot by women for other characters on the show when he just wants to pour his energy into a relationship no matter how it happens.

The next day, Jenny has put together a lesser version of her dress and is not happy to see Agnes when she arrives at the atelier. Agnes is able to convince Jenny to look at the photos Max took and says it looks like an ad campaign. She asks Jenny that if she keeps giving Eleanor her designs, will she be okay with people criticizing her work when she ventures on her own for looking exactly like Eleanor Waldorf's designs. Meanwhile, Serena and Blair go to see Dan at the gallery. Serena asks Dan to talk to Blair while she goes to look at the art. She goes and finds Aaron, and offers her help in setting up. Elsewhere, Dan suggests Blair just let Chuck go and find someone new. She insists that this is different and Dan realizes that she has real feelings for Chuck. She admits that she doesn't know if she loves him and she doesn't understand how she got where she is. Dan confesses that telling Serena that he loved her was hard but hearing her say it back was the best thing to ever happen to him. Blair says that she doesn't want to say she loves him and then just become another girl in his eyes. Dan tells her to take a risk because she might end up with everything. Back at the atelier, Jenny brings Eleanor the newly finished dress. Eleanor is shocked at how poorly it was made and doesn't fall for Jenny's lie that she had to restart her project in the middle of making the first one, as she saw the photos online of her and Agnes. Jenny apologizes and Eleanor tells her that she needs to accept responsibility for her actions. Jenny accuses Eleanor of being scared that the buyers will like Jenny and her work more than Eleanor's and asks for her dress back. Eleanor gives her the new one back but keeps the green one. Jenny asks for the green one back, and Eleanor says that if Jenny takes that dress, she'll never come back to Waldorf Designs. Jenny takes the dress anyway and walks out. At the Waldorf's, Blair sends Chuck a text saying that she's ready to say what he wants to hear that night. 041b061a72

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