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Fisher Valve Positioner Series 3600 Pdf ##HOT## Download

Compatible with linear and rotary valves and actuators, Logix 3800 digital positioner delivers high reliability in tough environments. It provides unparalleled modularity and versatility within a single unit. Its ability to handle double- or single-acting, linear and rotary applications reduces inventory and operating costs. Installation is simplified with an innovative, one-button quick calibration feature.

Fisher Valve Positioner Series 3600 Pdf Download

Robust and reliableTrouble-free performance in demanding applications is ensured by the shielded, dual-element, non-contact, magneto-resistive position sensor and temperature- compensated, dual-poppet pneumatic relay. The rugged, modular design provides protection from dirt and water ingress (IP-66), impact and vibration.Easy configuration and calibrationInnovative quick calibration feature greatly simplifies commissioning. One-button setup automatically configures the zero, span and gain of the positioner for most valves in less than 60 seconds.Predictive diagnosticsPowered by ValveSight DTM, the Logix 3800 has five on-board pressure sensors that enable operators to identify and assess the severity of developing problems so action can be taken before a critical event.Application versatilityBroad application versatility with industry-leading communication technologies, including analog, HART, Foundation Fieldbus, 4-20 or discrete I/O signals. Optional module to remotely locate the positioner from the control valve. Compatible with a variety of valve and actuation configurationsIncreased safetyIntrinsically safe, non-incendive and explosion-proof design from -52C to 85C (-62F to 185F) ensures safe, reliable operation in hazardous conditions. Certified for use in explosion-proof Exd IIC hazardous locations.Greater air capacityUp to 80% more air capacity with minimal air consumption is made possible by the double-poppet technology.

The Fisher 3622 electro-pneumatic converter becomes the 3620J or 3620JP positioner,respectively. This integral electro-pneumatic converter, can be factory installed or installed in the field on existing positioners. The electro-pneumatic converter receives the DC current input signal and provides a proportional pneumatic output signalthrough a nozzle/flapper arrangement. The output signal from the converter becomes theinput signal pressure to the pneumatic positioner, eliminating the need for a remote mounted transducer. The positioner mounts on the actuator as shown below. Figure 1 shows the cam feedback mechanism for a positioner mounted on the actuator. Positioner bleed air continually purges the enclosure containing the feedback lever and the feedback linkages.To support diagnostic testing of valve/actuator/positioner packages, connectors, piping, and other hardware can be installed between the 3610J or 3620J positioner and the actuator.

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