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Elias Harris

Country Boy By Azov Films

Back in March of 2010, so many American customers were identified that the case became known as the biggest child pornography bust in North America. Interpol aided in the investigation. Operation Broken Trust used evidence that uncovered a further thirteen men who watched videos on Azovs website or attended conventions in Germany and Hungary that hosted pornographers. Police raided homes and offices and seized computers. Altogether, fifteen people in eight US states were arrested. The biggest bust came from North Carolina.

Country Boy By Azov Films

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In 2009, Metin Yefem, a thirty-one-year-old hacker from Turkey, was sentenced to five years in prison for making up to $10,000 of child pornography using his countrys state-owned computers. Yefems activities were uncovered by US investigators who traced a single download from an IP address to Yefem. In October of 2010, Yefem posted on a website called Pure Abstinence that he had downloaded a video of a girl who appeared to be no more than ten years old performing oral sex on a man. In April of 2011, the FBI announced that it had charged Yefem with fourteen counts of child pornography. Yefem was also eventually charged in his native country for possessing numerous works of child pornography.

The crown counsel representing the World Vision for Prevention of Child Prostitution and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, a Toronto-based nongovernmental organization, argued in 2010 that Azov Films videos violated the criminal code because they portrayed children as sexual objects. The Canadian Criminal Code, like the statutes of many other jurisdictions, make no exception for images that are sexual by context. In its submissions in the court case, the CPS took a different view. The videos appeared to have a purpose other than to arouse sexually. So what is the purpose of pornography? I have yet to meet a man who wants to be a role model to his children, the CPS counsel contended, who wants his children to see him having sex with other men. Furthermore, the sites posters and reviews argue that the films are educational. Azov Films stands in the same moral community as the naturists and nudists, the CPS argued. They do not know any better. The footage is not for the express purpose of arousing sexual desire. If Azov Films is promoting naturism and nudism, it is doing so only incidentally. And the harm is entirely indirect. The CPS court filing quoted an expert who explained that children who see pornography are more likely to engage in sexual activity, not because they want to, but because they are being conditioned to expect that kind of sexual activity if they ever make the choice to have sex.

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