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Where To Buy M Gemi Shoes

While this lovely pink-red color is sold out, I recommend the style in any of two nappa or two patent neutral finishes M. Gemi now offers. The leather is soft but the shoe feels sturdy. Of the three shoes, these were the tightest on my feet in a 6.5, but stretched out comfortably after a few wears.

where to buy m gemi shoes

I've always wanted a pair of Tod's Gommino driving loafers ever since I saw a particularly chic classmate of mine from grad school wear them. But at $495 a pair, it seemed quite a bit for a pair of shoes I wasn't sure I could pull off (they seem a bit of a granny shoe). So when the Felize loafer kept poppin up on my radar (damn you Facebook ads and sponsored posts by other bloggers), I knew I had to try them out. At $178 a pair and Italian-made, these shoes are in my comfortable price-point range (much like Everlane's Italian made shoes). So here is my totally unsponsored review of M.Gemi's loafers.

Because I kept seeing sponsored blog posts and Facebook ads for M.Gemi, I originally felt that these shoes must be a gimmick or not that great (or why else push so hard on the marketing?). BUT I was pleasantly surprised to find these shoes to be AWESOME!

But first a note on sizing. I ordered these in a 38.5. I'm usually a size 7.5-8, and always an 8 in Everlane's narrow shoes. M.Gemi has a great fit finder link on their site that will help you find the right size, and I have to say they're pretty accurate.

I also love the black rubber nubs on the bottom of the shoe (which come up on the outside of the heel in a very Tod-esque way). The black grippies (as I like to call them), prevent the shoes from being too slippery (a problem with almost all of Everlane shoes, but it does cause some squeakiness on smooth concrete floors) At the heel inside the shoe there's a bit of suede to keep the shoe from slipping off (and prevents blisters).

The only negative thing about these shoes is the lack of arch support. But that can be easily remedied by hidden arch supports like these. But other than that, this shoe is wonderful. I'm excited to try out some of M.Gemi's other offerings.

Updated Aug 2017: So I've had these Felize loafers for over a year now and since I'm still getting people finding this post (hiya newcomers), I thought I might as well let you know how these shoes are wearing. So after I got these blue ones, I bought the antique pink in suede and then another pair in regular leather in the light beige color. I trashed the blue ones walking around in wet weather and on muddy forest floors (I know these are city shoes and not outdoor hiking shoes. Let's just say I loved them so much I forgot that they won't work for all occasions). I never really use the suede ones since the suede gets so dirty quickly. So I end up wearing the beige ones the most. They've stretched out and formed around my foot so it's a bit lumpy looking (not a smooth round edge) from my toes (maybe I have a weirdly shaped foot?). Anyway my love for these are still going strong and they're the perfect shoe for fall (as long as you have a mostly dry autumn). Also they are the perfect driving loafer since the nubbies grip the pedals easily and they're just so comfy overall!

Hi TonyThank you for this article on the 2 M.Gemi shoes. They are not our taste, however, we can see the excellent quality of these shoes and we appreciate them for what they are.The man modelling these shoes did a fantastic job in enhancing them with the clothes he wore. Well done, Thanks

The Italian brand is known for their high-quality shoes for the modern woman and man -- every pair of M.Gemi shoes is handmade by Italian families who have been honing their craft for generations. Ballet flats, moccasins, mules, boots, heels, sandals and sneakers are just a few of the luxurious offerings you'll find.

Here's how the current M.Gemi deal works: Use promo code SUMMER30 at checkout, now through August 23. Shipping and returns are free. Shop now to save big on your new favorite pair of shoes.

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If you have been thinking about adding to your fashion wardrobe new adorable accessories such as shoes, handbags, and other small leather items, then it is a good decision you are about to make. However, you need to be certain that the brand you are about to buy is worth it. The quality of these items is very important because it will hurt the durability of the brand and it will lead to regret or waste of investment.

The world of fashion especially shoe fashion has gained popularity for a long time now, this is why there has been a lot of brand in the market that offer shoes, handbags, and other leather items. You should find a quality brand that will give you the right shoe you want. M.Gemi is a company that specializes in the production of high-quality handcrafted shoes, handbags, and other leather items for both women and men.

Gemi is a brand that offers a large variety of Italian footwear for both women and men such as handbags, shoes, and other leather accessories which are all handcrafted. All of their items are of superior quality and very affordable. You can simply wear luxurious shoes at cheap prices. This brand was founded by Maria Gangemi. This brand aims to produce shoes in the old way (traditional ways of handcrafting shoes) and sell them in the new way (blended with modern designs). The brand creates more opportunities for artisans to display different degrees of talent.

The women's shoes come in different styles and varieties ranging from stylish sneakers, casual, flats, sandals, drivers, boots, heels, and loafers. The different styles can go as far as complimenting different outfits. The leather material in Italy is sophisticated. Some of these shoes are Sacca Donna Suede Slip-Ons, Celia Leather Sandals, Felize Leather Moccasins, etc. You can get these shoes at an average price of $200.

This customer review on this brand shows the in-depth knowledge of what customers are saying about this brand. Most of their customers are happy with the brand because they try to create luxury items even at affordable prices. They also try to blend traditional ways of making shoes, handbags, etc through handcraft with modern fashion. This review found out the different reactions by their customers on a reliable website. I will focus on the experiences of customers on the brand.

Here the rating indicates that most customers are okay with the footwear they purchased from this brand. I have not tried handcrafted shoes before, this is my first time. I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed. I think I am satisfied. I will be making an order for my handcrafted handbag very soon. I am super happy with my investment.

However, the brand focuses on only adult wear because they want to be specific in their mission. They try to avoid the jack of all trade and master none. This review found out that the artisan used in the production of these handcrafted shoes are well known and are experts in this field. There is a mixed feeling about the returns policy which might be a concern for some intending customers. I will always recommend this brand. The brand is legit.

The brand has a very complimentary return policy. This is why it is one of the benefits of shopping with them. You can make a return within 14 days of receiving your items. you also receive full refunds when you do. However, if you want to receive your full refund, you should make sure your shoes are in their original and perfect condition unworn. You can contact their customer support team to commence your new return process.

M.Gemi is a brand that cares about the need of its customers so that they can wear luxury shoes without breaking their bank. They try to create handcrafted shoes, handbags, and other leather items using traditional means and blending with modern fashion. This review will help you make your decision.

The first online menswear wave came in the form of brands focused on accessories, shirts and suits. Now it is the wave of shoe brands that are helping guys dress better. Many focus on differentiation by product, others by business model and others by provenance of production. One such brand of this beautiful wave of shoes is M.Gemi. In this article we will review and discuss a three pairs of shoes from M.Gemi.

Thank you for posting this informative review. The shoes look absolutely amazing. The trendy styles and peppy colors make these shoes a must have. I am looking forward to seeing more quirky designs from this maker in the future.

M.Gemi, which came courtesy of Rue La La founder Ben Fischman and a veteran shoe merchant, entered the market two years ago with plans to do for direct-to-consumer Italian-made footwear what Everlane has done for basics. The brand had no trouble finding buzz early on, with consumers, editors and investors alike drawn to its weekly drops and frequently updated colors and fabrications. The price wasn't a bad selling point, either: It promised high-end, Italian-made women's shoes for a fraction of what they might cost elsewhere.

"The level of engagement and the return rate was much higher than we originally projected, and we really think it's due to the uniqueness of the product and the frequency of the range," Co-Founder and Chief Merchant Maria Gangemi tells me over the phone from the company's Italian headquarters just outside of Florence. "I think she's buying with more frequency, because we're really focused on her needs at that time. We're dropping products every Monday. That was the original premise, to create footwear that there wasn't a lot of assortment in. And I think she's really responding to that." 041b061a72

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