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In our auto center you will find parts, batteries, tires, and more. Appointment scheduling is convenient and simple online, over the phone, or in store. Whether you are looking to schedule an appointment for a lube, oil and filter change, or battery replacement, tire service, we have simple online scheduling options available.



Jack stands come in two basic designs: pin and ratchet. The former uses a pin inserted between an inner and outer sleeve in order to keep the stand in place at a given height. To change the height of this type of jack stand, you simply remove the pin, adjust the height manually, and then re-insert the pin at the new height. With a ratcheting jack stand, you extend the jack to the height you need, and thanks to a built-in ratcheting device, the stand automatically locks itself into place. From that locked-in point, it can be ratcheted upwards, but not downwards. To adjust the height downwards, you press a handle to release the ratcheting mechanism, and manually adjust the jack to the new position. For added safety, some ratcheting jack stands come with a pin that prevents the release handle from being pressed, and accidentally lowering the jack. 041b061a72

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